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Introducing... Cubicolor

Introducing... Cubicolor

Making their debut on Anjunadeep with their first ever release are Cubicolor - an emerging act from the Netherlands with an exciting flair for melody, and an impressive command of deep house grooves.

Title track "Next Planet" was an instant favourite with the label A&R team, skilfully building a slow-burning epic from a simple, repetitive riff, accompanied by brooding melodic flourishes and stirring climactic pads.

"Soul Chords" showcases a more laid-back side to Cubicolor's sound, incorporating jazz and funk influences as chugging grooves and a wandering bassline are paired up with dreamy atmospherics. Perfect poolside material.

Again highlighting their deft touch, "New Roads" grows from subtle beginnings into a deep sun-kissed gem, guided by rolling low-end and infectious piano stabs.

Cubicolor's debut Next Planet EP is out now on Beatport.

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